Sonja Anderson-Byfield

Attorney at Law

Sonja is a Consultant with the firm in the area of Estate Planning, Succession and Trust Law.

She possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of Civil Law and in particular Estates and Succession.  Most of her expertise and skills were honed from her eight (8) years at the Administrator-General’s Department, which is an executive Government Agency that administers all Estates in Jamaica where a person dies without a Will and leaving minor beneficiaries.  She joined the Administrator-General Department’s team of Attorneys-at-Law in May 2000 and quickly transcended the ranks, moving from Case Attorney to Manager, legal Services and then to Director, Legal Services, with direct managerial responsibilities for the Legal Section.

In April 2008, Sonja left the Administrator-General’s Department to pursue entrepreneurship as a solo practitioner, specializing in Estate and Succession Law. She joined the Abendana & Abendana family in 2008 in the capacity as a Consultant where she has conduct of complex Estate and Succession matters.

She was admitted to the Jamaican Bar in 1999, having successfully completed her Bachelor of Law Degree (Upper Second Class Honours) and thereafter obtained her Certificate in Legal Education.

Sonja sat on the First Heritage Cooperative Credit Union Credit Committee and was a member of the LAMP Fund Board. She often volunteers her time free of cost giving legal talks to groups on proper Estate Planning.